Serra do Caramulo

ALCOFRA: Orientation West / Northwest

Coordenadas 40 ° 8 ° 38 163 N 9411 W


natural turf,orientada a Oeste ever beaten a noroeste.

Note: We do not advise to take off over the wind 25klm / h to those who do not master perfectly the inflated technique (crossed)


Caramulo (Snow hill) Orientation East / Northeast

Coordenadas 40 ° 33 225 ° 10 737 8 N W

                               Artificial off, Oriented with synthetic turf East / Northeast

Note: We note-off in Alpine with little or no wind, make sure that everything is fine with the wing, small dimensions of this off all require attention and concentration at the time of peeling.

Off the ground

Orientada a Sudeste beaten a Sul

off landing east / northeast / southeast

aterragem caramulo

Note: The landing is in the area marked in red






off landing West / Northwest


Note: We advise you to lose altitude and at the beginning of landing, in order to enter the maximum with 5 m height over the beginning of the landing. Using the approximation technique in eight, relatively tight would be ideal. Talk to local drivers will always be a good solution in order to understand the maneuvers used by them.